Fire Mitigation Works at Scribbly Gums Conservation Area, Alexandra Hills

The Conservation Unit in Redland will be conducting fire mitigation works in the bushland area of Scribbly Gums Conservation Area, located in Alexandra Hills. 

Weather permitting, these efforts aim to fortify the region against potential fire hazards. They are scheduled for Thursday, 21st, and Friday, 22nd of March 2024.

The primary objective of these fire mitigation works is to eliminate combustible vegetation, including grasses, shrubs, and dead tree debris, particularly near the Magic Mountain Bike Track. Additionally, the initiative seeks to establish and reinforce control lines within the conservation area. 

The Council aims to facilitate future maintenance activities and planned burn operations within the bushland area in the ensuing weeks by undertaking these measures.

Scribbly Gums
Photo Credit: Paige Cole/Google Maps

As part of the fire mitigation efforts, the Magic Mountain Bike Track will remain closed on Thursday and Friday to ensure the safety of the public and workers involved in the undertaking. Access to the track will be restricted, with signage and barrier mesh installed at track entrances to deter entry during the scheduled works.

Council personnel will utilise noisy equipment during the fire mitigation works. The Council acknowledges potential disruptions this may cause and extends apologies for any inconvenience experienced by local residents or visitors to the area.

Published 22-March-2024