Two-Vehicle Accident at Bognor Street Intersection Leaves Driver in Critical Condition

A two-vehicle collision in Manly West has left a 30-year-old man hospitalised with potentially life-threatening head injuries. The incident occurred in the early hours of Saturday, July 6, at the intersection of Bognor Street and Wondall Road.

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Emergency services responded to reports of the crash at approximately 1:34 a.m. Critical care paramedics treated the injured man at Bognor Street before transporting him to Princess Alexandra Hospital. According to a Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson, the victim’s head injuries are considered potentially life-threatening.

Queensland Police Service confirmed that the injured driver was operating a Toyota RAV4 at the time of the collision. Details regarding the second vehicle involved remain unclear, with authorities unable to confirm whether it was parked or in motion during the incident.

No other injuries were reported, and no additional individuals required medical attention at the scene.

Photo credit: QPS

The Queensland Police Service has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash. They are urging anyone with relevant information or who may have witnessed suspicious activity to come forward. Reports can be submitted through the official Policelink website or anonymously via Crime Stoppers.

Photo credit: QPS

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety. QPS continues its efforts to reduce road fatalities and serious crashes, emphasising the need for drivers to avoid the ‘Fatal Five’ behaviours: speeding, drink and drug driving, not wearing seatbelts, fatigue, and distraction.

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As investigations continue, authorities stress that road safety is a shared responsibility and encourage all road users to stay informed about safe driving practices.

Published 9-July-2024

Man Comes Forward as $2M Winner from Wynnum Manly Leagues Club

The mystery surrounding the recipient of a staggering $2.2 million prize has finally been dispelled, ending days of speculation at the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club in Manly West. 

The massive windfall, drawn last Thursday, 14th March 2024, had remained unclaimed, igniting considerable curiosity about the lucky individual.

A Hamilton man has emerged as the fortunate winner, confirming that he had purchased the winning entry in draw 852 at the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club. The announcement came amidst intense anticipation as patrons and onlookers eagerly awaited news of the jackpot’s recipient.

The club’s manager expressed astonishment, noting that this win marked the largest prize claimed by anyone at the establishment in “years and years.” The revelation sparked significant discussions among patrons, highlighting the enduring appeal and interest in the game.

Wynnum Manly Leagues Club
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Preferring to remain anonymous, the Hamilton man still grappled with disbelief. He confessed to not having concrete plans yet but acknowledged that the windfall would undoubtedly bring about new opportunities for himself and his family.

Reflecting on the surreal nature of his newfound fortune, the winner expressed his astonishment at the realisation that his long-standing numbers had clinched the victory. Despite the initial shock, he expressed optimism about the positive impact the prize would have on his family’s future.

In 2023, players across the eastern states of mainland Australia collectively celebrated over 67.31 million wins, surpassing a cumulative worth of $1 billion. This staggering figure underscores the game’s enduring popularity and widespread success among Australians.

Published 22-March-2024

Manly West Restaurateur Fights Hefty Fine Over Outdoor Seating

The owner of Casa di Louie in Manly West is taking legal action over a hefty fine issued for setting up an outdoor dining area three years ago. 

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The owner of the popular Italian eatery is reportedly headed to the magistrates court to contest the penalty amounting to $15,480.

The controversy started in 2021 when the restaurateur was offered a 10-year lease by the landlord of a retail space on Radford Road. After signing a letter expressing his need for additional room, the owner alleges the landlord’s representative proposed utilising three of the precinct’s 95 parking spots for expanded seating.

Photo credit: Casa di Louie/Google Maps 

Recognising the necessity of separating diners from vehicles, the restaurateur hired a builder, who informed him that council approval would be required for such an arrangement. When he contacted the council’s business hotline, officials stated that the proposed outdoor expansion would not be permitted.

Photo credit: Casa di Louie/Google Maps 

At this point, the owner claims he informed the landlord of his willingness to terminate the lease agreement. However, he alleges the landlord’s agent advised him to proceed with the outdoor seating expansion despite the council’s stance against it.

The agent representing the landlord corroborated that he verbally relayed to the restaurateur his understanding, based on “high-level” advice from a town planner, that extending the outdoor dining area would not pose an issue. 

Although it technically exceeded the precinct’s originally approved gross leasable area, the agent noted the carpark had never reached full capacity.

Photo credit: Casa di Louie/Google Maps 

The agent asserted that the council had never issued the restaurateur a show-cause notice or offer to remedy the situation, which he insisted was the crux of the matter.

The restaurateur stated that for three years after the expansion, he received no communication from the council until October of the previous year when they informed him of a single complaint pertaining to “safety.” However, the council declined to disclose the complainant’s identity or provide the investigation report, only citing concerns about “manoeuvrability” in the area.

A council spokeswoman explained that they had repeatedly made it clear to the restaurateur that the infringement was a result of installing an outdoor dining area without approval and against the advice they had provided. 

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Whilst acknowledging the resident’s frustration, she stated the council was obligated to investigate complaints, and the situation could have been avoided had the restaurateur followed their initial guidance.

Published 14-March-2024 

Manly West Shopping Centre Looks to Grow with Expansion Plans

Plans have been submitted for the expansion of a shopping centre on Burnett Street in Manly West. 

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The proposed expansion plans call for an infill addition to the northeastern section of the existing Mayfair Village at Manly Shopping Centre.

The project design, rendered by architecture firm V Architecture, calls for an extension to be built on the northeast corner of the site, providing space for new retail offerings and upgrading pedestrian access. The plans do not alter existing parking or vehicle entry from Burnett Street.

Aerial view of site (Photo credit: Urbis)

The shopping centre slated for expansion is located at 11-31 Burnett St, Manly West. The proposed addition consists of 475 square metres across two levels. 

Artist’s impression of shopping centre’s proposed expansion (Photo credit: V Architecture)

It includes reconfigured tenancies on the first floor and a new retail space above two existing ones. A new lift and stairway are part of the blueprints, along with enhanced landscaping.

Photo credit: V Architecture

Roughly half of the property is currently unoccupied, while a single-story commercial building occupies the other half. This structure will be removed to make way for the development. In total, there will be 94 parking spaces for residents and visitors once completed.

Planners at Urbis say the extension will significantly improve the streetscape on Burnett Street, which presently lacks connection to the shopping centre. The new build-out and entry points will provide better visibility and bolster the overall coherence of the site.

Shopping centre
Photo credit: V Architecture

“Importantly, the proposal capitalises on the underutilised ground floor space and enhances pedestrian connections to the surrounding residential neighbourhood through solving the topographical change between the site and the east Burnett Street frontage,” said Urbis.

“Overarchingly the proposal demonstrates an enhanced interface with Burnett Street to the north and east, whilst maintaining key connections from the development area to the remainder of the Mayfair Village on Manly shopping centre.”

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The application for expanding the Manly West shopping centre is now under assessment by local officials.

Published 6-February-2024 

Manly and Manly West Kerbside Collection: Upcycling Ideas to Repurpose Trash into Unique Pieces

Heads up, Manly and Manly West! It’s your turn for kerbside collection soon! Did you know that you can repurpose a lot of items to give them a new lease on life? Here are some ideas before you think of chucking them on the kerb.

There’s still plenty of time to sort through your old and items for disposal and re-check if your kerbside collection pile includes unacceptable items that will not be picked up. Some of your items might also be more useful as donations to various charities or the Council’s treasure troves to reduce the landfill wastes. 

Better yet, instead of throwing some things away, consider upcycling old furniture and start on a beautification project at home! 

For instance, old dressers or even old washing machine drums could become great display cases for plants. You’ll need to spend on some good paint brands and brushes to give these items new life. 

Need new light fixtures? No need to head out to the store to buy a brand new piece. Look at your existing stuff and repurpose these into unique lanterns or lampshades. You could also repurpose old light fixtures for other uses — the possibilities are endless when you upcycle!

Got plenty of old pictures to sort through? Framing each of these might cost a lot of money but you could save a lot if you upcycle and use old window frames to display these beautiful images. 

You don’t even have to put them on the wall. You can also upcycle old picture frames as tables and fill these with your family’s memories. 

If your old luggage has been sitting under dust for the last few years, it could still be of use as shelves on empty walls in your house. 

Don’t be afraid to try fun and bold colours since the very idea for upcycling is to never constrain your creativity. If you make mistakes, then it’s all part of the learning process. However, it’s always a good idea to prepare the right tools, plan ahead, and then give the old pieces a good rundown first before you start on the project.  

Look at YouTube videos for some ideas and instructions on how to carry out this project and ask family members to help you complete it as this will make for a great bonding activity during the weekends. 

Manly West Tradeswoman, Lauren Campbell, Wins Apprentice of the Year

Lauren Campbell, a young tradeswoman from Manly West, has received top recognition as the Apprentice of the Year during the 2021 Queensland Training Awards virtual ceremony.

A budding leader in her industry, Ms Campbell was honoured for her skills as an air-conditioning and refrigeration tradeswoman. Showing interest as a Year 12 student, Ms Campbell was able to land a job as the very first female apprentice of AG Coombs Queensland, a leading specialist in building services.

“As a fully qualified tradesperson with the company, Lauren is recognised as a future industry leader, who has already promoted careers in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration to other young women,” Minister for Training and Skills Development Di Farmer said. 

“Lauren is a deserving recipient of the 2021 Harry Hauenschild Apprentice of the Year award.”

Photo Credit: Supplied

The annual Queensland Training Awards significantly boosts an industry where labour shortages are a reality and acknowledging the apprentices, trainees, students, employers, teachers and training providers could help fill the gaps, according to Ms Farmer. 

Also recognised at this year’s awards is Kasey Hardy from Chinchilla, who was named the 2021 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year. She works under the Western Downs Indigenous Traineeship program for Harness Energy Services and Shell QGC and has earned her Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety. She is currently mentoring new Indigenous trainees.

Danielle Dixon from Lota was named 2021 VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year. 

“As Executive Chef and Head of School at The Institute of Culinary Excellence (ICE), Danielle was instrumental in transforming ICE’s teaching methods through COVID-19, migrating to online learning, saving countless apprenticeships and careers,” Ms Farmer said. 

“Danielle is passionate about addressing mental health and wellbeing issues within the hospitality sector, having created a program for her students with industry links that she’s looking to grow and expand. 

“ICE took out the 2021 Small Training Provider of the Year title in recognition of providing apprentices and trainees with training delivered by some of the best chef teachers in the industry, in purpose-built training kitchens at Coorparoo and Kelvin Grove.”

Photo Credit: Supplied

Here’s the full list of winners of the 2021 Queensland Training Awards:

1. Lauren Campbell – Metropolitan – Harry Hauenschild Apprentice of the Year

2. Mitchell Pogan – Darling Downs South West – Bob Marshman Trainee of the Year

3. Helen Millen – Tropical North Queensland – Vocational Student of the Year

4. Kasey Hardy – Darling Downs South West – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year                                       

5. Bree Connell – South East – School-based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year                                      

6. Mary Chol – Metropolitan – Equity VET Student of the Year

7. Danielle Dixon – Metropolitan – VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year

8. The Migrant Centre Organisation Inc. (trading as TMC) – South East – Community Training Initiative of the Year

9. Core Developments NQ – North Queensland – Small Employer of the Year

10. Robinson Civil Group (RCG) – Tropical North Queensland – Medium Employer of the Year

11. Frizelle Sunshine Automotive – South East – Large Employer of the Year

12. The Institute of Culinary Excellence – State direct entry – Small Training Provider of the Year

13. TAFE Queensland – State direct entry – Large Training Provider of the Year

14. Queensland Water Skills Partnership – State direct entry – Premier’s Industry Collaboration Award

Kerbside Collection Finally Returns to Manly and Manly West

Kerbside collection is returning to Brisbane one year after the service went on hiatus. Manly and Manly West are among one of the many suburbs due to receive its aid later in the first quarter of 2022. 

After a yearlong hiatus, kerbside collection is back, earlier than planned, after Brisbane City Council decided that the service can resume for numerous Brisbane suburbs this year, including Manly and Manly West.

Last year’s break was able to generate $6 million in savings for Council but this year’s resumption is a welcome move for locals.

The service was put on hold in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in a bid to save $13 million over two years, however it is returning ahead of schedule, starting with the suburbs that were affected by its sudden hiatus.

Of the $6 million saved as a result of Kerbside Collection’s temporary cancellation, half was given to community groups, charities and sporting clubs to recover from the pandemic and prosper. Business fee waivers were also given to small businesses that were negatively affected by the virus.

SuburbKerbside Collection Schedule
Murrarie, Cannon Hill & MorningsideFebruary 14, 2022
Hemmant & LyttonFebruary 21, 2022
Manly, Belmont & Wynnum WestFebruary 28, 2022
Manly West & TingalpaMarch 7, 2022
CarinaMarch 14, 2022

According to Councillor Lisa Atwood, each suburb will be letterboxed an information pamphlet weeks before the event on what can be placed for kerbside collection. Note that dates are subject to change in the event of inclement weather or from complications brought about by operational requirements.

About Kerbside Collection

Kerbside collection is an item collection service that was created to help people get rid of large household items that would be difficult to dispose of otherwise. All one has to do is leave the belongings they no longer want on the kerbside at 6:00 a.m. 

Acceptable items include bath and laundry tubs, bicycles and sporting equipment, carpets and rugs, furniture, household appliances, and wood products smaller than 1.5 metres among many other things. Conversely, bricks, car parts, garden waste, glass and mirrors, hazardous waste, and liquids will not be collected.

Photo credit: CC BY-SA/avlxyz/Flickr

Labor councillors worked to have the popular service return as it was a basic and essential service that many Queensland residents relied on, however Lord Mayor Schrinner had commented that he had no regrets putting the service on hold.

Manly West in Top 11 of the Tightest Rental Vacancy Market

Vacancies in the rental market have tightened considerably in the first quarter of 2021, ushering in a crisis for the market despite this being good news for landlords and investors. Manly West, in particular, has a 0.5% vacancy and it’s one of the top 11 tightest rental markets among Brisbane and its outer ring suburbs.

According to Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) CEO Antonia Mercorella, the vacancy rate squeeze across the state, the lowest since 2012, has been affected by the rush of migrants to the state due to the pandemic. The situation has been static for the last four quarters with Brisbane LGA generally averaging a rental vacancy rate of 1.1% over a 12-month period. 

Here are the rental markets with the lowest vacancy rates in the Queensland capital:

Anstead0.5 %
Birkdale0.3 %
Capalaba0.2 %
Ferny Hill0.3 %
Gumdale 0.4 %
Manly West 0.5 %
Rothwell0.2 %
Sandgate 0.5 %
Shailer Park 0.4 %
Thornside0.3 %
Wakerley 0.4 %

Whilst low vacancy rates would be positive for landlords and investors, demand for housing from tenants could spur a crisis, leading to homelessness, that the Queensland housing system should address, according to Ms Mercorella.

Photo Credit: Jens Neuman/Pixabay

“The rental sector plays a critical role in Queensland’s housing system and the role and size of our investor market has never been so important,” she said.

“The State Government say they want to help households transition from community housing to housing in the private rental market. Given that, more needs to be done to better support both increased and ongoing property investor activity in the Queensland property market and the contributions they make to the State economy.”

The REIQ is also supporting the amendments to the First Home Owner Grant, allowing the public to afford their own house instead of becoming tenants. Ms Mercorella believes that this will “help reduce pressure on the rental market” and stimulate the economy.  

Wynnum Manly Leagues Club Renovations Finally Complete

After 18 months of construction and renovations worth $10 million, the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club is scheduled to host an exclusive grand opening in May 2021. Attendance will be by invitation only.

The renovation of the beloved leagues club, which began in 2019, has finally completed its second stage, introducing an all-new lounge bar and reception. These facilities will be open to the public in the coming weeks, with a special invite-only grand opening event set for the 6th of May 2021. 

Each stage of the renovations revolved around the construction of new facilities. Stage one focused on a new bar and gaming lounge as well as a new wing, opening in October 2020. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Wynnum Manly Leagues Club

On the other hand, stage two brought in a new restaurant and café area, as well as the aforementioned lounge and reception. The café and bar areas finished construction in February, and renovations are expected to be totally complete shortly. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Wynnum Manly Leagues Club

Initially, the club was set to reopen at the start of 2021, however progress has been significantly delayed due to the numerous complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The club can be found at 92 Wondall Road, Manly West, open from 9:00AM to 3:00AM on weekdays, and 10:00AM to 3:00AM on weekends. For more information, visit their website here. Follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest promotions, meals and deals, as well as other updates and special announcements.

Development Application for 30 Townhouses on Manly Road Lodged

A development application seeking to establish multiple dwellings on Manly Road, Manly West has been lodged.

Situated at 358 Manly Road, Manly West, the proposed development is for 30 low-medium density townhouses. Five of the 30 units will be 2-bedroom units while 25 will have three bedrooms. The maximum height for the building is proposed to be 2 to 3 storeys.

Proposed sub floor
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

Proposed first level
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

 Manly Road
Proposed second level
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

There are 60 parking spaces that will be provided (50 for 3-bedroom units, 10 for 2-bedroom units) plus 11 parking spaces for visitors. 

 Manly Road
Proposed levels
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

The overall site cover for the  proposed development is 27%. There will be three communal spaces with a total area of 500sqm for seating, barbeque, shade and lawn space, and will be located along the southern section of the site. Whilst each townhouse will have private open space (courtyards, terrace, and balconies).

 Manly Road
Proposed private and communal space
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

“The proposed development has been designed to represent a series of row house developments consistent with the “missing middle” design sought by Shaping SEQ. The design as a whole has been stepped with the slope of the land and will provide a great deal of articulation through the introduction of recesses within the façade and the variety of building materials utilised,” the planners at Steffan Town Planning said.