Get the Latest Wynnum Manly News With This Progressive Web App

Are you hesitant to install government-related apps because they might take up a lot of space on your smartphone? This is not an issue with the Wynnum Manly app, a handy online information portal which can be accessed as a website or as a web app.

With the app, you can access the Wynnum Manly Guide where you will find information about restaurants, shopping and retail centres, cafes, medical, arts, beauty and health, sporting clubs, community groups, hotels, fitness and pilate centres across the suburb.

Simply type into your browser and you will get all the latest news and information instantly. For iOS, use the Safari Browser for an excellent experience. Because there is no need for updates and installations, this app is expected to run faster and smoother compared to a native app.

There is no need to download or install it from the app store because this app is entirely platform-independent. It comes with features you can find in a classic native app, like push notifications and mobile-specific navigation minus the high data requirements or further updates.

Here’s how to add this progressive web app to your device:

Mindtraffic built the new progressive web app using chayns, a digital business operating system that delivers all posts, images, and information on events instantly. It can be connected to your Facebook page, your Facebook profile, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Chayns turns a website into a progressive web app for all platforms and users could get up-to-rate information with active notifications. It’s as simple as adding it to your homescreen.

For more information, visit the or Mindtraffic website and check out the Wynnum Manly progressive app.