Man Comes Forward as $2M Winner from Wynnum Manly Leagues Club

The mystery surrounding the recipient of a staggering $2.2 million prize has finally been dispelled, ending days of speculation at the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club in Manly West. 

The massive windfall, drawn last Thursday, 14th March 2024, had remained unclaimed, igniting considerable curiosity about the lucky individual.

A Hamilton man has emerged as the fortunate winner, confirming that he had purchased the winning entry in draw 852 at the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club. The announcement came amidst intense anticipation as patrons and onlookers eagerly awaited news of the jackpot’s recipient.

The club’s manager expressed astonishment, noting that this win marked the largest prize claimed by anyone at the establishment in “years and years.” The revelation sparked significant discussions among patrons, highlighting the enduring appeal and interest in the game.

Wynnum Manly Leagues Club
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Preferring to remain anonymous, the Hamilton man still grappled with disbelief. He confessed to not having concrete plans yet but acknowledged that the windfall would undoubtedly bring about new opportunities for himself and his family.

Reflecting on the surreal nature of his newfound fortune, the winner expressed his astonishment at the realisation that his long-standing numbers had clinched the victory. Despite the initial shock, he expressed optimism about the positive impact the prize would have on his family’s future.

In 2023, players across the eastern states of mainland Australia collectively celebrated over 67.31 million wins, surpassing a cumulative worth of $1 billion. This staggering figure underscores the game’s enduring popularity and widespread success among Australians.

Published 22-March-2024

Wynnum Manly Leagues Club Renovations Finally Complete

After 18 months of construction and renovations worth $10 million, the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club is scheduled to host an exclusive grand opening in May 2021. Attendance will be by invitation only.

The renovation of the beloved leagues club, which began in 2019, has finally completed its second stage, introducing an all-new lounge bar and reception. These facilities will be open to the public in the coming weeks, with a special invite-only grand opening event set for the 6th of May 2021. 

Each stage of the renovations revolved around the construction of new facilities. Stage one focused on a new bar and gaming lounge as well as a new wing, opening in October 2020. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Wynnum Manly Leagues Club

On the other hand, stage two brought in a new restaurant and café area, as well as the aforementioned lounge and reception. The café and bar areas finished construction in February, and renovations are expected to be totally complete shortly. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Wynnum Manly Leagues Club

Initially, the club was set to reopen at the start of 2021, however progress has been significantly delayed due to the numerous complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The club can be found at 92 Wondall Road, Manly West, open from 9:00AM to 3:00AM on weekdays, and 10:00AM to 3:00AM on weekends. For more information, visit their website here. Follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest promotions, meals and deals, as well as other updates and special announcements.

Wynnum Manly Leagues Club to Offer New Facilities in April

The Wynnum Manly Leagues Club is expected to open its newest facilities in April after undergoing a series of upgrades and developments worth $10 million. With the new facilities come 70 new job opportunities!

After over a year in the works, the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club is slowly but steadily nearing the completion of its most ambitious overhaul yet, with the construction of a brand-new cafe, bar and reception area, plus a new lounge area scheduled for completion in late March. 

The first stage of the club’s redevelopment began in October, 2020, which revolved around the creation of a new gaming area and an entirely new wing. Stage two began in December, which focused on the club’s new restaurant and café area. 

To boost the local economy, the club aims to hire local talents to work in customer service roles. Over the last few months, a little under 20 new hirees have been taken in, and with a list of 70 jobs to fill, there’s plenty of room for more on their roster. 

With the creation of new facilities and features for patrons, the club seeks to employ 50 additional members staff to cater to the needs of the club’s patrons. With the bulk of its renovations now nearing completion, the club aims to open its new facilities to the public sometime in April. 

Follow the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club’s Facebook page for the latest promotions, meals, and deals, as well as updates on the progress of their renovations. 

Find them at 92 Wondall Road Manly West, open from 9:00AM to 3:00AM on weekdays, and 10:00AM to 3:00AM on weekends. 

Dead Rainbow Lorikeets at Wynnum Manly Leagues Club Spark Investigations

RSPCA Queensland is investigating the death of over a dozen rainbow lorikeets found at the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club carpark in early August. An inspector from the organization has visited and retrieved the dead birds, which will undergo a post mortem. 

The incident, however, is not an isolated case as a Wynnum Manly Leagues Club spokesperson revealed that the Brisbane City Council has informed them of suspected wildlife poisonings since last year. However, the spokesperson cannot make further comments since this matter is handled by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Nonetheless, the dead rainbow lorikeets left some of the locals who frequent the club upset as some of them are bird lovers and own this breed. 

“This is not a natural occurrence, I have walked this path for over 20 years and never seen more than one dead on any rare occasion,” one of the people who found the dead rainbow lorikeets said. 

Photo Credit: CollectingPixels/Pixabay

Some 26 kilometres away from the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club, a dead rainbow lorikeet was also spotted at the University of Queensland. But as there are thousands of this species in the area, one bird’s death did not necessitate an investigation.

Rainbow lorikeets are native to Queensland and South Australia. A medium-sized parrot, these birds often need to be in pairs and usually fly in flocks in many parks across Brisbane. 

Locals are so used to seeing them around that hand-feeding rainbow lorikeets with packets of bird food is quite a common sight in parks or sanctuaries. Since its widespread, rainbow lorikeets, with the scientific name Trichoglossus moluccanus, are classified as “least concern” under The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

What To Do in Manly This Week

Don’t know where to go this week? Keep yourself busy with these events.

Tuesday, 8 August

Winter Wine Dinner

Tickets: $75

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Venue: The Manly Hotel

Photo credit: The Manly Hotel/Facebook

The Manly Hotel is inviting everyone to celebrate food and wine in style. Delicious cuisine prepared by their Sails Bistro Head Chef and fine wines from Pernod Ricard provide the perfect pairing for a memorable dinner date a deux.

Ambar Maddox of Pernod Ricard will also be there to share her expertise and knowledge about wines.

Draws and exclusive discounts and promos are also a part of the dining experience.


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Friday, 11 August

National Tree Day

Tickets: FREE

Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Venue: Many West State School

Photo credit:

Although Planet Ark’s National Tree Day is on the 30th of July, schools and workplaces can organise their own Tree Day throughout the year.

The students of Manly West State School and the Bunnings Warehouse Manly West will roll up their sleeves to celebrate National Trees Day this August.


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Friday & Saturday, 11 & 12 August

Presumed Guilty

Tickets: $25 – Adult; $20 – Pensioners and children

Time: Friday – 7:00 p.m.; Saturday – 2:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.

Venue: Manly-Lota RSL, Melville Terrace, Manly

Photo credit: Mercury Theatre/Eventbrite

The Mercury Theatre will proudly present the play “Presumed Guilty” by Margaret Dakin. This is the story of Ellen Thomson and her controversial case. Ellen Thomson is the only woman who was legally hanged 130 years ago.


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Friday, 11 August

Wynnum Manly Seagulls Sportsman’s Luncheon

Tickets: $89 – Dry Bar; $140 – Individual Table; $1,300 – Full Table

Time: 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Venue: Wynnum Manly Leagues Club, Skyview Room

Photo credit: Wynnum Manly Seagulls/Facebook

The Luncheon is back this year with special guests “Fletch and Hindy” of Fox Sports. Other guests are Danny Buderus, Andrew Ryan, and Fox Sports Robert “Crash” Craddock.

The Table Tickets include two course meal and drinks package, while the Dry Bar Tickets include appetizers with the drinks package.


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