Firefighters Respond To Gas Main Rupture In Manly

Firefighters Respond To Gas Main Rupture In Manly

A gas main rupture was reported in Manly, which caused a fierce blaze. Fire crews acted swiftly, preventing a potential explosion. Over a dozen firefighters worked for two and a half hours.

Just after 10:45 am on November 22, it was believed that construction workers inadvertently struck a gas line, igniting a fierce blaze that engulfed the surrounding area.

Fire crews found themselves in a race against time, hosing down a tree affected by the gas main rupture leak as they worked tirelessly to contain the escalating inferno.

Despite the intensity of the blaze, the concerted efforts of the firefighters helped in cooling down the area, preventing what could have been a devastating explosion.

Reports indicate that a young man in his twenties sustained minor burns in the chaos and was swiftly transported to Northern Beaches Hospital for treatment.

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Published 28-November-2023