Manly and Manly West Kerbside Collection: Upcycling Ideas to Repurpose Trash into Unique Pieces

Kerbside Collection
Photo Credit: CrJaredCassidy/Facebook

Heads up, Manly and Manly West! It’s your turn for kerbside collection soon! Did you know that you can repurpose a lot of items to give them a new lease on life? Here are some ideas before you think of chucking them on the kerb.

There’s still plenty of time to sort through your old and items for disposal and re-check if your kerbside collection pile includes unacceptable items that will not be picked up. Some of your items might also be more useful as donations to various charities or the Council’s treasure troves to reduce the landfill wastes. 

Better yet, instead of throwing some things away, consider upcycling old furniture and start on a beautification project at home! 

For instance, old dressers or even old washing machine drums could become great display cases for plants. You’ll need to spend on some good paint brands and brushes to give these items new life. 

Need new light fixtures? No need to head out to the store to buy a brand new piece. Look at your existing stuff and repurpose these into unique lanterns or lampshades. You could also repurpose old light fixtures for other uses — the possibilities are endless when you upcycle!

Got plenty of old pictures to sort through? Framing each of these might cost a lot of money but you could save a lot if you upcycle and use old window frames to display these beautiful images. 

You don’t even have to put them on the wall. You can also upcycle old picture frames as tables and fill these with your family’s memories. 

If your old luggage has been sitting under dust for the last few years, it could still be of use as shelves on empty walls in your house. 

Don’t be afraid to try fun and bold colours since the very idea for upcycling is to never constrain your creativity. If you make mistakes, then it’s all part of the learning process. However, it’s always a good idea to prepare the right tools, plan ahead, and then give the old pieces a good rundown first before you start on the project.  

Look at YouTube videos for some ideas and instructions on how to carry out this project and ask family members to help you complete it as this will make for a great bonding activity during the weekends.