Manly State School Grapples with Devastation Following Boxing Day Storm

Manly State School
Photo Credit: CrSaraWhitmee/Facebook

Families returning to Wynnum and Manly after the festive holidays have been confronted by scenes of destruction int he wake of the Boxing Day storm. Among the affected areas, Manly State School bears significant damage, with one of its buildings losing its roof.

Shocking photos reveal the extent of damage in the area, prompting a surge in calls for assistance from the State Emergency Service.

Manly State School Recovery Update

Despite the structural damage, the school is grateful that no injuries were reported and is determined to rebuild and continue serving the community.

Manly State School officials expressed gratitude to the Manly community for their support and kind wishes. The school reported that builders are already on-site to assess and repair the damaged building. A future working bee is planned to involve the community in the recovery effort.

Builders are working diligently to make the damaged area safe and to isolate the solar system on the damaged roof. Safety fencing will be erected to allow limited access to the school grounds for vacation care, to fully reopen to the public in a few weeks. 

Local Community Initiative

Residents rallied to clear debris and trees blocking roads. Iconic trees along the foreshore were also uprooted, adding to the post-storm challenges faced by the community.

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Regrettably, the wild weather also led to the tragic death of three individuals, including a local teacher, in a boating accident off the coast of Manly.

Some local businesses, such as Mate’s restaurant and bar in Wynnum, sustained damage from the storm. Cracked ceilings and water damage were reported, causing disruptions to operations.

SES Response and Ongoing Assistance

Local Controller for the Brisbane City State Emergency Service Unit, Lowry Boyd, reported a continuous stream of requests for assistance as the storm barrelled the city. SES units from other regions have also offered help, but resource constraints have limited their capacity to assist.

Mr Boyd emphasised that many of the storm-related issues could have been prevented with proper preparation, such as clearing gutters of debris, securing loose objects, and trimming overhanging tree branches before a storm.

Meanwhile, Brisbane City Council is offering support to residents affected by the storm by providing free sandbags at various locations and allowing free green waste disposal until 31 Jan 2024.

Boyd also asked for patience from the community during major events, as the SES primarily relies on volunteers who may also be affected by the storms. Response times may be extended, but every effort will be made to address all requests for assistance.

Published 28-Dec-2023