Mercury Theatre Wynnum Presents ‘Steel Magnolias’ at the Manly-Lota RSL

Mercury Theatre Wynnum
Photo Credit: MercuryTheatreWynnum/Facebook

Mercury Theatre Wynnum, which has been playing in the bay since the 1940s, is presenting “Steel Magnolias” featuring Toni Griffin, Darsha Hockings, Anwen Jones, Helen Haberland, and Liz Hull at the Manly-Lota RSL.

Beginning Friday, 3 June 2022, until Saturday, 18 June 2022, “Steel Magnolias” will play for six nights between 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. 

The show is set in the Chinquapin, a fictional location in Louisiana, and follows Truvy (Griffin), who owns a beauty parlor, and her female friends. The plot centres on the upcoming wedding of Shelby (Jones) who has Type 1 diabetes, and her relationship with her mother, M’Lynn (Hull). The story also revolves around Truvy’s relationships with the men in her life, Annelle’s (Hockings) transformation, and Ousier’s (Haberland) friendship with Claire.

“Steel Magnolias” is directed by Ric Medlin, who has been part of the Mercury Theatre Wynnum since his childhood. He received his Lifetime Membership in 2021. 

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Mercury Theatre Wynnum
Photo Credit: Mercury Threatre Wynnum

Mercury Theatre was founded by Win Davson and Arnold Bennett-Edward Knoblock. It is a community-based (amateur) company run by volunteers that produce at least three shows a year. 

The theatre also conducts an Improvisation for Acting class with Anne Pensalfini as the instructor.

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Learn more about the theatre and its membership here. Follow their Facebook page.