New Ferry Service Offers Fast Trips to Stradbroke from Manly

Photo credit: River to Bay/Facebook

A new high-speed ferry service launching from Manly next month will provide an alternative way to reach North Stradbroke Island without going through Cleveland.

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Tour operator River To Bay announced that starting March 1, its fast boats will run multiple trips per day between Stradbroke and Brisbane. Departures will be from Manly and Hamilton up to six days a week.

According to a spokesperson from the company, the target market is tourists and daytrippers wanting a quicker journey to the island.

Photo credit: River to Bay/Facebook 

The journey time will be just 30 minutes from Manly, versus an hour from Hamilton. The boats can hold between 28 and 38 passengers and are designed for an adventurous, albeit potentially wet ride.

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Passengers will meet the ferry at Manly Harbour’s William Gunn Jetty on Wyvernleigh Close, and the boat will arrive at One Mile Jetty on Dunwich.

Photo credit: River to Bay/Facebook 

The new Stradbroke ferry service includes a choice of one way or return tickets, life vests, bathrooms on board, and knowledgeable local staff to assist passengers in planning their time on the island. 

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In the past, River To Bay operated tours but not a regular ferry service. The new owners decided to restart passenger transport to Stradbroke, announcing the decision on social media earlier this month.

Photo credit: River to Bay/Facebook 

Bookings are recommended to guarantee a spot, but walk-on passengers can also pay on board. The first few days are fully booked, with tickets already up for grabs for Manly trips starting in March.

The company stated that the new service will hopefully provide economic benefits to Stradbroke residents and businesses that have struggled to attract tourists from Brisbane. The company also clarified that they do not aim to take business away from the Cleveland ferries used by locals.

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For more details, including timetable and ticket prices, visit River to Bay’s website.

Published 19-February-2024