Police Investigate Suspicious Car, Moreton Bay College Lockdown Lifted

Moreton Bay College
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Moreton Bay College in Manly West was swiftly placed into lockdown in response to a reported suspicious vehicle, with Queensland Police promptly summoned to the scene.

Early on Tuesday morning, 16 April 2024, Moreton Bay College experienced a situation when a suspicious car was reported on its Wondall Rd campus. Queensland Police were alerted and arrived at the school by 9:15 a.m. 

The school administration, taking no chances, initiated a lockdown as a team of officers conducted a comprehensive sweep of the area.

Multiple units responded to the potential threat during the police operation. Officers methodically searched the premises but found no suspect vehicle on the school grounds. After ensuring the area was secure, the lockdown was lifted at approximately 9:55 a.m. and students were informed that it was safe to resume their activities.

Richard Henry, the executive principal of Moreton Bay College, reassured the public and school community following the incident.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

“Earlier today, Moreton Bay College initiated our lockdown procedures as a precautionary measure in regard to a suspect vehicle at our Wondall Rd campus at Manly West,” Mr. Henry stated. He highlighted the efficiency of the lockdown procedures and the rapid response of the police. 

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“Everyone is safe and support is being provided to students and members of the college community in regard to this matter,” he added.

The quick resolution of the incident minimised disruption to the school day, and educational activities were promptly resumed. The school has pledged ongoing support to all students and staff affected by the morning’s events, ensuring a continued focus on safety and well-being.

Published 21-April-2024