Proposed Manly Boardwalk to Benefit Community

The Wynnum Manly Radio Model Yacht Club is pushing for the construction of a boardwalk at the Esplanade at Manly that would benefit the community.

The group expressed that while the marina is a prime waterfront location, it is not being utilised to its full potential. The model yacht club proposes for a boardwalk and deck that can be used not only by yacht club members but also by anyone visiting or strolling around the marina.

Club commodore Mike Freebairn noted the difficulty of accessing the water from the current structure. Sailors can use the concrete steps for access, but during low tide, they must step on exposed rock. This makes it extremely difficult for older yacht members to access their boats at low tide.

Adding a boardwalk will improve accessibility for older members of the club and will also help the club attract more members. The club intends to for the boardwalk to be built with handrails for added safety and improved accessibility.

The proposal gained support from Brisbane City Council Councillor Peter Cumming of Wynnum-Manly. He said that providing access to the public is a good idea. What may become an issue is the cost of the project.