Safety and Visibility Upgrade Proposed for Manly’s Cambridge Parade Intersection

Cambridge Parade
Photo credit: Google Street View

A concept plan to improve safety at the intersection of Cambridge Parade, Melville Terrace, and Arnold Street in Manly has been released. 

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The proposed upgrade aims to increase compliance with the 40km/h speed limit, enhance visibility for pedestrians and motorists, and reduce accidents at the busy junction.

The proposed features to be included as part of this project are:

  • Install a raised pedestrian crossing on Cambridge Parade, east of the intersection.
  • Introduce a new road surface treatment for the 40 Kilometres per hour speed zone on Cambridge Parade on the western approach to the intersection, with raised islands on either side of the treatment.
  • Replace the Stop signs and line marking with Give Way signs and line marking on Melville Terrace and Arnold Street at the intersection with Cambridge Parade.
  • Construct kerb buildouts on the northwest corner of Melville Terrace and Cambridge Parade.
  • Install minor landscaping improvements at the kerb buildouts and raised pedestrian crossing.
  • Reconstruct and extend existing concrete median islands on Arnold Street and Melville Parade and reconstruct new sections of footpath.
  • Remove 14 on-street parking spaces to allow for improved motorist visibility of people walking and riding.
Cambridge Parade
Concept design (Photo credit:

In addition to installing new road surface treatments to promote compliance of the 40km/h speed limit, the proposed upgrades would also improve safety and connectivity for pedestrians by constructing a raised crossing at the intersection. Visibility for both pedestrians and drivers would also be enhanced by removing some on-street parking spaces around the junction.

Local Resources

A survey will be available on Brisbane City Council’s website in the coming weeks for residents to provide their feedback about the proposed improvements.

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To find out more about the project, you can call the project team on 1800 669 416 or email

Published 2-November-2023