Wynnum-Manly Primary Care Centre Goes Digital

Wynnum-Manly Primary Care Centre
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Did you know that the Wynnum-Manly Primary Care Centre has now gone digital, with patients’ medical records now accessible electronically?

After 12 weeks of digital training, workers at the Wynnum-Manly Primary Care Centre have done their first documentation of the patients’ integrated electronic medical records (ieMR), allowing the facility to finally go live on the digital platform. 

With the new ieMR, Wynnum-Manly Primary Care Centre would be able to access the patients’ records electronically, thus bridging any gaps in the delivery of their needed healthcare. 

“Sometimes it can be difficult accessing our patients’ medical information as a small community site,” Nurse Unit Manager Eric Ford said. “Having immediate access to electronic patient medical records will now be a great support for when a patient presents at the facility.”  

The ieMR has been customised for Wynnum-Manly Primary Care Centre patients and whilst it was not an easy transition, the workers have welcomed the changes. 

Project Manager Karen Davies and the staff have been actively involved with the customisation, collaborating with the Project Team and Cerner, the software developers. 

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Wynnum Manly PCC
Photo Credit: Metro South Health

“It’s great to see Wynnum-Manly PCC join the clinical community of Digital Hospitals in Metro South Health and across the state,” Ms Davies said.

“Clinicians will have access to instant, real-time patient information from across Metro South, as well as from digital facilities around Queensland with each patient’s electronic record now travelling with them.

“That means no need to obtain charts from Medical Records and better collaboration between clinicians, and more linked-up care for patients.

“Clinicians also have access to early warning alerts in a medical emergency and improved patient safety with patients accurately identified through wristbands with unique barcodes.”