Manly Kerbside Collection: Set Your Pile or Donate?

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

Manly’s next kerbside collection is coming up on Monday, the 18th of Nov 2019. If you have large unwanted items to dispose of, you’ve got a few more days to pack your stuff in time for the pick-up in the early morning of the scheduled date.

As always, only small household appliances, furniture, white goods, electronic wastes, sporting equipment, bath and laundry tubs, carpet and rugs, and wood products no bigger than 1.5 metres are to be set aside for kerbside collection. Things that aren’t included in the acceptable items guidelines will be left behind your property, which you will have to clean off before you’re liable for illegal dumping.

However, you don’t necessarily have to put out stuff for kerbside collection if you’ve got old furniture and appliances that still work. Do you know that most of what you dispose of goes to the landfill? 

As the Council suggested, you can help reduce the landfill waste crisis by consider donating things you no longer want to charity or a recycling organisation. You may also give your stuff away to friends and family who might still have a use for it. After all, someone’s trash could easily be somebody else’s treasure. 

Photo Credit: INESby/Pixabay

Some of the Council-recommended facilities that accept old, second-hand, and pre-loved items for donation include:

You can make arrangements at these facilities on how to transport your items for donations. But if you have a preferred charity facility, tip shop, second-hand store or recycling centre, then that would be a good move as well — anything to keep your pile away from the landfill!

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Some communities also organise a recycling drive, where neighbours or groups could barter items while holding a get-together or an informal party. Others set up a pre-loved market, where they do not just do away with unwanted stuff but also make a tiny profit. Some also donate this profit to their charity of choice.