Whites Rd Residents Oppose Plans For New Childcare Centre In The Area


Some residents in Lota are opposing the proposal to build a 109-place childcare centre along Whites Road, citing safety issues and the added traffic it may bring to the area.

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Public submissions continue to pour on the development application (A005612652), which is currently being assessed by the Brisbane City Council.

The developer seeks to build an 871-sqm childcare centre with 22 carparks at 215 Whites Rd, Lota. It will be two storeys in height and will have a dedicated play area.

Artist’s impression of proposed childcare centre in Lota (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

Designed by Raunik Architects, the childcare centre would feature gardens suitable for deep planting to soften the aspect of car park entry and deliver an aesthetic suitable for a residential setting. 

If given the green light, the childcare centre will have 17 full-time staff and will operate from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Safety concerns

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One resident in particular mentioned that Whites Rd is already heavily congested with obstructed views making it a dangerous place to be dropping off and picking up children.

“Currently there is no high demand for another childcare center when there is multiple in a less than 1 kilometer radius of Lota, and within the suburb itself,” said one resident, in a submission opposing the proposal. 

In response to the submissions, the developer highlighted that the 22 parking spaces are compliant with Council’s Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing Planning Scheme Policy (TAPS PSP) which outlines a minimum requirement for one car parking space per every five children.

Regarding pedestrian safety, the developer noted that the proposal incorporates a dedicated pedestrian access point and pathway which is separated from the vehicle access to the site, to ensure no safety issues arise between vehicles and pedestrians accessing the site.